Erasmus’ Greek New Testament

501 years ago (March 1, 1516), Desiderius Erasmus, one of the most influential figures of the Reformation, published Novum Instrumentum Omne, the first published New Testament in Greek, in Basel. Complutensian Polyglot was printed in 1514, but was not issued to the public till 1522. In his 1516 edition of the Greek and Latin New Testament, Erasmus printed the Euthalian ὑποθέσεις of the Pauline letters. Erasmus followed the ancient practice (found in the manuscripts of many ancient authors) of prefixing the ὑπόθεσις to each biblical book.

Prof. Daniel B. Wallace on Erasmus’ Greek New Testament. Desiderius Erasmus learned Greek at the age of 32.


The first printed edition of the Greek New Testament produced by Erasmus was based on the following manuscripts:
(1) 2105
(2) 2814
(3) 2815
(4) 2816
(5) 2817