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TheĀ great importance of being able to judge of a certain passage in the New Testament for themselves rather than accepting without doubt or question whatever the authorities say in regard to it should be enough encouragement for every Christian to learn the original language of the New Testament.

Any degree what ever of acquaintance with the Greek New Testament is useful and laudable : but they, who are less expert therein, frequently see false instances of emphasis, seize on them with eagerness, and publish them abroad, whilst they pass by those which are genuine. This renders it the more necessary that we should all help each other in turn. Even dull eyes can make use of light for the chief purposes of life : but he, who has a peculiarly strong sight, perceives many things more accurately than others do. Thus is it also in Scripture : all see [or may see] as much as is necessary to salvation, but the clearer that the believer’s sight is, the greater is his profit and delight : and that which one believer once sees, others who of themselves saw it not, are, by his direction, enabled to perceive. (Johann Albrecht Bengel)